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Larry Purdy

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Larry Purdy began his journey into photography 25 years ago. What he found almost immediately was a new world, a world that he had never seen before…he had been there, but never really saw or felt what was there.  All he could say was WOW as to what had he been missing. It did not take long for him to realize that to take a photo and have it represent what he actually saw and felt was quite difficult. Thus began the real journey, of capturing nature in a way that you can share what you feel and see with others in a photograph. His passion is the outdoors, and his photographs are a result of having a fun-loving life finding and documenting that beauty through creativity.  Since moving to Colorado, he has enjoyed photographing the animals and grand vistas that are forever present here.  How lucky can one be!


Larry Purdy was approached by ArtWorks, an interior design company out of Little Rock, Arkansas, to purchase  his photographs for use in multiple hospitals and other medical facilities around the country, and PurdyPictures was officially established in 2003.  The Performing Arts Center in Garland, Texas, and the Inwood Bank in Rowlett, Texas, requested that he provide a showing of his photographs in their lobbies.  He currently has photography in doctors’ offices at the medical facility in Brighton, Colorado.  


Larry and wife, Gwenda, have been in the Estes Park area for a wonderful 10 years.

Artist Interview:

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