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Current Exhibitions

The Art Center of Estes Park proudly presents...

"Hand to Heart Textures"

Pauline Bustamante, Fiber

Michelle Ridley, Fiber


FACE of Fiber in the Rockies 2024

June 7 - July 13

Opening Reception June 7, 5-7 p.m.

Sponsored by: Carol Haslock and Lis Ford

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“Hand to Heart Textures”

Pauline Bustamante and Michelle Ridley dedicate this show to Dolores Bustamante, 1924-2024


Texture “Art”: The tactile quality of the surface of a work of art. The quality created by the combination of the different elements in a work. Fiber work has been in existence, globally, for millennia. When you touch or create a piece of cloth you are connecting with all of mankind. You are connecting with mother nature herself, since traditionally fiber comes from plants or animals. From the fiber comes multitudes of textures depending on how you use the fiber: felting, weaving, sewing, or stitching it. Your hands constantly touch it, feel it as it is hand-stitched, printed on or dyed, cut or sewn, always looking for the magical creation of a new garment or heirloom wall hanging or a quilt that holds you. There is nothing more satisfying than using these traditional techniques to create a new chapter in the evolution of fiber art, “Hand to Heart.”



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FACE of Fiber in the Rockies 2024

This show will feature fiber artists from across North America. These artists are nominated by other fiber artists for their excellent quality and creative approach to textile art.

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