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Current Exhibitions

The Art Center of Estes Park proudly presents...

Two Painters

Places Real and Imagined

Paintings by Jenifer Cline & John Long


September 29 - November 6


Gala Reception September 29, 5-7 p.m.

Sponsored by:

Karen & Jim Daugherty

thumbnail_Overlook 23 _Jenifer Cline 180dpi.jpeg
thumbnail_copper harbor long.jpeg
thumbnail_Clouds over the mountains Long.jpeg
thumbnail_cappuccino geology long.jpeg
thumbnail_Winters Copper Glow 2023_Jenifer Cline 180dpi.jpeg
thumbnail_5 easy steps long.jpeg
thumbnail_Bear Lake Autumn Splendor 23 180dpi_Jenifer Cline.jpeg

Jenifer Cline: “I first saw Rocky Mountain National Park when I was 14. Later, I found myself fortunate to live where I first fell in love with the Colorado mountains. You can find me painting during all seasons in my beloved park. I watch the mountains breathe; I feel the air move down the valleys as the sun rises. In the afternoons, towers of clouds build and the setting sun guilds the high peaks.”



John Long: “I grew up with the Great Lakes, those expansive inland seas. I have walked the rocky coasts of Connecticut, Alaska, and Maine. I have played in the water and the broad sand beaches of Florida and California. I have sailed on rivers and bays. I have hiked in the Himalayas and the Hindu Kush. Now I live in the mountains of Colorado; for me the geography of the soul. My paintings are inspired by magical places remembered or imagined. They celebrate the seasons driven by the earth’s movement about the sun. They observe the clouds overhead and the rocks underfoot.”

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Open daily through Oct. 23, then Fridays through Mondays | Hours: 11-5

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