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Artist Member Page

Welcome to the Artist Member Page!  This is your resource to organizational information, updates, volunteer sign-ups, document downloads and other useful items to help you and the Art Center have the best relationship possible.  If there is anything in this section you need help with, or anything you feel should be added, please contact the office via phone or email as indicated in the footer below.

Volunteer Gallery Staffing

It is the responsibility of the artist to sign up for staffing to meet contractual obligations via the online staffing calendar. Time worked for the year will be monitored by Art Center staff. In case of emergency, (after 5 p.m. the day before your shift begins) your first line of contact is to call the gallery manager at 970-586-5882.  If Victoria Endsley is not available, the next contact should be Alice League at 970-577-0131 or Cynthia Reedy at 970-980-9443.  Please remember, these contacts are for emergencies and last-minute difficulties.  Otherwise, it is your responsibility to contact another artist to arrange for someone else to cover your staffing shift, if you are unable to work on your assigned days.  For more information on how to use the "team-up" calendar, please look in your artist policies on page 3 for instructions.


Documents Library

The following section provides documents you may need, provided in various formats, that can be opened and printed out for your personal use and information.

Artist Contract (2024)

Artist Inventory Form (2024)

Artist Inventory & New Works Policy (2024)

Artist Membership Policies (2024)

Exhibit Schedule (2024)

Plein Air Prospectus (2024)

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