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Mentoring Program

This is an exciting and popular Art Center program and an important way for Art Center artists to share their passion for the arts directly with members of the community. 


Mentors are matched with mentees, of all ages, who want to learn a new medium, and have the chance to work with an experienced artist who shows their work in our lovely, professional gallery.


The annual Mentor/Student show in February is the highlight of the year, giving mentees the opportunity to see their own creations on display in the Art Center Gallery and to learn something about the “art biz” (appropriate framing, pricing, greeting the public, etc) along the way. 


Best of all, this program and the big opening reception, in particular, give us a fabulous opportunity to welcome lots of new faces to the Art Center! 


Application forms may be picked up in the gallery or found here: 

ACEP 2-19 036.jpg

Mentoring "Rules of the Road" & Application Form (2024)

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