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Alice League

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"As an artist, wire art is a hobby and I enjoy making jewelry just for the fun of it. For me, it doesn't matter how long it takes me to make a piece or what I have to sell it for to make a profit. The sheer joy of making something beautiful from a piece of wire, a pair of pliers and a gemstone is all I need."

Alice loves to enhance gemstones with wire! She also likes people. Born and raised in Indiana, Alice has a degree in the field of Social Work, Sociology and Psychology. This led to career in administration and for 47 years her ‘day job’ focused on working with people as a director of food service operations in colleges and hospitals, a community action agency and a science museum. With so much time spent organizing people, projects and money, she didn't have time to develop her creative side. So making a piece of wearable art from a piece of wire and a mineral cabochon brings out that side. Alice uses 14/20 gold filled or sterling silver square wire for her pendant creations. She attends rock and mineral shows to find unique mineral or fossil cabochons to wrap. Depending on the size and shape of the cabochon, she never knows exactly how a piece will look until it is completed. The detail of the markings or coloring of each mineral or gem dictates the curve or bend of the wire and whether it is wrapped in gold or silver wire. No two pieces are alike. She once wrapped 20 pieces of turquoise for a client. This was a challenge to make each one a little bit different. And often she has been asked by individuals to wrap a special gemstone that has been passed on to them from their family collections or they received as a gift.

Alice joined the Art Center in 1997 as a general member and was quickly trained as a front desk volunteer. When board members learned of her many years of management experience, she was recruited to serve on the board. She was first elected to the board in 2001 and was soon elected to serve as board treasurer, a position she continues to hold today. She also is the volunteer accountant and grant writer for the organization and serves on the following committees: Art Market, Education, and Membership. She was juried in as an artist member in 2005.

Her wire wrap and bead creations are on display at Madison & Main Gallery, Greeley CO. Her work has been accepted into the Art Center’s “Lines into Shapes” juried art Show several years since 2007. She received the 1st place Jewelry award for the “Lines into Shapes” show 2009.

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