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The Art Center of Estes Park proudly presents...

"Meet The New Artists"

Lydia Pottoff

John Long

Cheryl Gratias

January 8 - February 15

Sponsor: Lea Bowne & Coreen Boeding

(In Memory Of Bonnie Bowne)


Cheryl Gratias


I am at heart both an artist and a scientist. As such, I’ve become a careful observer of the world around me and am drawn to trying new experiments in my approach to creativity. I am inspired by the way watercolor can uniquely embody light, color, energy, and life - - many of the same qualities I played with as a physicist working in laser optics! Before working in the lab, I spent over a decade doing business as a technical illustrator and graphic designer. The strong drawing skills honed during this time gives me the freedom to tackle a wide variety of subjects, keeping my time in the studio fresh and interesting. In addition to studio time, I enjoy painting out of doors whenever possible.

I am excited to join the community at the Art Center and to have the opportunity to share some of what I am working on. It is my hope that I have captured a little of the bright energy and life I see around me every day, and that these paintings resonate with viewers and can enliven and bring joy to their personal spaces.

John Long


I come from a family of artists. I trained as a photographer, film maker, poet and printer but my professional career was in education, first as a classroom teacher and then as a school leader. Twenty-five years ago I began working intensively in the art studio, creating 3-dimensional assemblages and 2-dimensional collages. This led to abstract and text-based painting with acrylics as well as abstract landscapes and calligraphy with Japanese ink .


In my work, I build up and tear down layers of acrylic paint, exploring geometric order and chaotic energy. Most of my painting is done on plywood panels, though I also paint on canvas and corrugated cardboard. My color palette ranges from black and gray monotone, to riotous primary colors and warm pastel shades.


I grew up in Flint, Michigan which was still a thriving midwest factory town when I moved away. My wife, Kathy, and I have lived in Texas, Ohio, Washington, DC, Afghanistan, and Connecticut. We moved to Estes Park full-time in 2018.

Lydia Pottoff


A love of the outdoors inspired Lydia to leave her native Maryland and move to Colorado in 1973. She received BA in fine art and graphic

communications at Metropolitan State University in Denver. Lydia was a partner in Epicenter Creative, a local design firm for over 23 years.

The passion of creating a more personal vision drew her back into fine arts; pastels were a natural choice since they combined her love of drawing and color.


In the last twenty years, she has pursued pastel and oil painting. She has pieces in private collections and exhibits in both group and solo shows. Lydia is a member of the Louisville Art Association, the Boulder Art Association, the Pastel Society of Colorado, International Plein Air Artists and Plein Air Artists of Colorado. Her work can be seen at the Art Center of Estes Park and in her home gallery/studio in rural Boulder County.

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