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John Shelton

Shelton 12

My photography starts as a reflection of nature being spiritual -- something vastly larger, more significant, more relevant, and yet perhaps simpler and more peaceful than we perceive our daily passage. I like to isolate the power and beauty of our environment, but also like to explore man's interaction with that environment, whether natural or not -- our journey, struggle and discovery of our own place within that environment. Often there is a juxtaposition that mankind has with nature, within our relationships with others, and ourselves. My work ranges from natural landscapes, through urban exploration, covering events, and profiling people and even touching on the surreal.


I spent the greater part of my childhood summers immersed in the natural environment of the west, including Estes Park -- hiking, camping and traveling to the quieter places of America where perhaps we can get in touch with ourselves and gain perspective about where to fit in with nature and life.


As a 40-year arts administrator, I have had the privilege of experiencing countless beautiful, as well as disturbing, insightful perspectives represented by other artists, raising questions about a broader social context that explores how all the pieces fit together. It is my hope that my work will extend naturally beyond the tenor of my own world to include an even deeper understanding of a broader world perspective.


I am a professional freelance photographer/writer living in Estes Park since 2016, relocated from a life also lived in Nevada, Idaho, and Illinois. I now work along the Front Range, as well as in Denver, traveling extensively in support of my work.


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