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Pat Sebern

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I lived in Denver and began painting there in the 70’s.  During those years I was primarily involved in Western art…especially as it portrayed mountain men and black powder events.

New job opportunities took me to Seattle and then Dallas where my favorite subjects became wildlife and landscapes.

Through these jobs and transitions in creative projects…I have worked in several medias…watercolor and gouache and large canvas murals painted with acrylic.  But my two favorite mediums are oil and pastel.

I find them the most versatile, timeless and inspiring of all the painting disciplines.  I have no formal training but over the years have participated in many workshops and taught several classes.

In the past 3 years, I retired and moved back to Colorado from Texas.  Now I am exploring new opportunities to paint, become affiliated with inspiring groups of artists, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Colorado has in abundance.  One rule I always try to follow…make sure the paint water and the coffee mug are far apart!

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