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Mary Morse

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I learned to knit, crochet, and sew as a child, and ever since found much enjoyment in creating all kinds of fiber art. I think this joy of creating is partly what inspired me to train in Waldorf education and art and to become a kindergarten teacher. The kindergarten handwork led me to working with wool, natural dyeing, and spinning, but when I learned to make felt l found my calling.

I've been a professional feltmaker and fiber artist ever since then, first traveling the country to fiber festivals and shows to enter and market my handmade felt hats, scarves, wall art, accessories, and other one-of-a-kind items; then later having my own shop for many years.

I especially like beginning with raw natural fibers, dyes, and materials from God's creation, and transforming them into artistic creations that folks can use and enjoy. The natural beauty all around my off-grid studio in the woods at 9000 feet, and the infinite colors, textures, and forms in nature, together with the perfect raw materials which spring forth from it provide inspiration for me to become a creator too.  I make felt and other fiber art using mainly traditional methods, but there is no end in sight - these ancient and versatile fiber arts have endless opportunities for developing new styles and techniques. I often feel that I'm only at the beginning of my explorations into the enchanting world of handmade felt and fiber art.

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