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James Sneary


Born and raised in Ohio when Packards, Studebakers and Edsels were hot cars, and A&W and Bob's Big Boy were hot spots for teens, my personal favorites were a '56 Chevy Belair and McDonald's cheeseburgers. I was introduced to art when I started following a beautiful young woman to art history class at Ohio State University. I spent 4 years in the Air Force, married that young woman and graduated from OSU with a Masters in Electrical Engineering. I retired after 26 years with Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO, and 35 years overall in the aerospace industry as an electrical engineer/systems engineer/technical manager. 


I started carving birds and taking some carving classes just before retiring. We moved from Boulder to Estes Park in 2008. I joined the Art Center in 2009 and have spent many years on the AC board and on the Art Market and exhibition (hanging) committees. Being an engineer, I am drawn to art forms with lots of fine details--carving and pyrography. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of using different materials like metals, epoxies, etc., to create more challenging and interesting art pieces. My art interests include woodcarving, woodburning (pyrography) on wood and paper, scratchboard and gourd art. My wife, Anne, and I do gourds individually but also often collaborate on gourds that require some carving or pyrography.


Art for me is a challenging, therapeutic and self-rewarding hobby. That others enjoy the results is a bonus.


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