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Andrea Gabel

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At age 10, I saw a movie on television about the life of Leonardo DaVinci. That's when I proclaimed that I would become an artist when I grew up! I was curious about many things too, mostly animals. I loved the challenge of copying animal images from books. Horses were a favorite subject! I used charcoal or pencil and concentrated so very hard to copy these exactly. My parents enrolled me in drawing classes at the natural history museum where I learned to draw cones, spheres, cylinders, and blocks along with an occasional stuffed museum animal. By high school I was painting, drawing, and creating in many different ways and also winning awards. I graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA and a concentration in graphic design. Years later, I became hooked on painting the landscape outdoors. I've also re-discovered studio painting and now have a new excited interest in painting large, more abstract landscapes. I've lived in Colorado 42 years and now reside in Fort Collins.

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