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Celebrating 35 Years
with a $35 for 35 Years Campaign!

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Celebrate! Celebrate! The Art Center of Estes Park is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2022!

The Art Center opened its doors 35 years ago and we want to continue for another 35 years. We are seeking your help by asking you to donate a minimum of $35 (a dollar for each year), to raise additional funds to continue to support the operation of the Art Center! Please donate at whatever level you are comfortable.  Donate here.....





.....or drop off donation at front desk or mail to:


517 Big Thompson Ave, Unit 245, Estes Park, CO 80517


With the leadership and determination of Chris Switzer and Lynda Vogel, the Art Center opened its doors in May of 1987. Leo Weber was the first Board president, Lynda Vogel was the gallery coordinator, and Chris Switzer signed the lease, opened a bank account, got the licenses, and did the paperwork for non-profit status. This was an exciting time for the twenty-one local artists looking to share their creative efforts with the public, since they were not welcomed to show their work in the existing local galleries. These original twenty-one artists included names you might remember or you may own one of their art pieces: Dorothy Irvin, basketry; Lynda Vogel, drawing; Leo Weber, furniture; Jay Grooters, Kathy Bradford, Renée Martig, Garth Mudge, and Adeline Pyrzynski, glass; Renêe Martig and Elena Willits, jewelry; Mary Hart, Betty Mapes, and Bev Taylor, painting; Carolyn Patch Fairbanks, pen and ink; Will Citta, pencil; Dwayne Easterling and James Frank, photography; Karen Dick and Tisha Palmer, pottery; Chris Switzer, weaving and paper; John Lynch, wood; and Charlotte Lloyd, watercolor.


The Art Center was a “Community Art Center,” promoting local and regional artists. The artists were the backbone of the organization, volunteering as Board Members, willing to run the Art Center by sitting the gallery, working on fundraisers, being on the exhibition committee, teaching classes, and most importantly displaying their work. This has continued over the last 35 years.


As the Art Center steps into its next 35 years, we want to recommit to the foundation that our 21 original artists established in the Art Center. We want to continue this momentum built on the eagerness of artists to share their passion for creating art. We want to renew the original goals in the name of local artists and regional artists to support and grow more art education, and to continue to be an avenue to the arts in our community supported by community membership.


Join us in this effort by donating $35 for 35 years to raise additional funds to continue the operation of the Art Center. Donations can be made through our Donate button or by dropping off a donation at the front desk or mailing your donation to 517 Big Thompson Ave, unit 245, Estes Park, CO 80517. Thank you for helping us continue for the next 35 years!

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