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Greg Wigler


To various degrees, I've been involved in photography for more than fifty years. I bought my first SLR, a Mamiya-Sekor 1000 TL from a returning Viet Nam veteran in 1970. I read Popular Photography, Modern Photography and Peterson’s every chance I got. I moved to Littleton in 1973 to attend National Camera Repair School, then was a night shift supervisor at Fox Photo film lab in Denver. I photographed concerts and worked on a couple music history books, and with CCM Magazine and Sparrow Records. I started using digital with a floppy disc Sony and moved on to a Canon Digital camera shortly thereafter. The highlight of the concert years was photographing U2 at their Red Rocks show in 1983. The video and CD/LP were remastered in 2008, using 15 of my photos, many published in Rolling Stone, many major music magazines, The Denver Post, and Rocky Mountain News.

Wigler headshot.jpeg
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