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Dan Marshall

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Daniel Marshall is an American artist born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. Dan has been drawing since he was 16 when he was introduced to his favorite medium, graphite, in a High School art class. When Dan was studying aviation in college, he would draw airplanes as a hobby for his classmates. After college, he then started drawing architecture as gifts for friends that were getting married. "I would draw the church or place of reception and add it to their invitation, place it in a nice matting and frame it. It made for great personal gift." says Dan. In July of 2002, Dan was involved in an airplane crash that put him in a wheelchair. Despite the tragedy of his disability, Dan still said, "Thank God I still have my hands and my ability to draw."

Dan was invited to his first art show during rehabilitation at Craig Hospital in Denver. The art show inspired Dan to continue drawing and improve his technique.

Dan has persevered and through his faith in God and determination, is walking again. He continues to attend art shows throughout the western U.S. Dan hopes that you will enjoy his artwork and wants you to remember, "Just like my art, you have to have a 'light source' in order to add dimension and depth to life. My 'light source' is the Lord." Joshua 24:15