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Carol Gregory

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My love for photography began at the age of ten with a Brownie bullet camera. Over the years the cameras have changed, my eye for color and composition has evolved and I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best. I retired from teaching after thirty years to turn my passion for photography into my own business, Moments N Time Photography. Since I am still in my "rookie" years as a professional photographer, I find my work continually evolving and am excited about each new phase in this evolution. I have entered only two competitive events but did receive a merit award in one of them.

My specialty is flowers and gardens, but I have had a wonderful time photographing animals, insects, scenics, and a variety of subject matter. I tend to look for the interesting details for my subject matter, getting in close and looking for the unusual. The world of macro photography has become a keen interest of mine. My love for travel has given me the opportunity to gather images from some of the most beautiful places in the world although living in Colorado gives me the added bonus of great beauty close to home.

I have gone digital using the Nikon D100 and now the Nikon D2X, so all images have been shot with 6.1 to 12.4 megapixels allowing for high resolution images. I use Epson printers and Epson archival inks producing high quality, long lasting prints.

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