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Astrid Paustain

"I want to paint the way the bird sings", Claude Monet


This is a favorite quote that expresses the joy of painting and the spontaneity and creativity I seek to express in my art. Like the Impressionists I am fascinated by the effects of light and color and can spend endless hours trying to perfect seeing and interpreting what I see.

I feel very fortunate to live in Colorado with its beautiful scenery, spectacular skies and tucked away farms and homesteads. I am most grateful for the open, unspoiled places that surround us and for the creatures that inhabit them. I paint mostly in pastels and oils, enjoying the bright, vivid colors and effects these mediums provide.

If a viewer looks at one of my paintings and can sense the beauty, tranquility, or energy of a particular subject I consider it a successful painting. Art is a never ending journey. Painting teaches me to see more intensely. It is a constant source of joy, reflection and learning.

Contact information: Please visit my website at www.astridpautian.com, you can also contact me at 303-440-3770 or e-mail astridpaustian@hotmail.com.
My paintings can be viewed at my home studio by appointment.

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