Lines into Shapes Show Discontinued

Our board of directors for the Art Center of Estes Park made the decision to make a change in programming for 2018. We decided to continue the tradition of the "Plein Air Rockies" program that was previously sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council. The Cultural Arts Council discontinued this event last year and the Art Center decided to host it this year. With the advent of this new show, the decision was made to discontinue the "Lines into Shapes" show.
"Lines into Shapes" is the name of the annual International juried art show and sale held at the Art Center each Fall.  Please look at the works from previous shows!
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2017 Best in Show
"Corn Lily"
by Andrew Stiff

2016 Best in Show
by James McComas

2015 Best in Show
"Alfie's Choice"
by Larry DeGraff

2014 Best in Show
"Scattered Showers"
by Jon Madsen

2013 Mayor's Award
"In Hot Pursuit"
by Cathy Sheeter

Mayors Award 2013

2012 Best in Show
"Code of the Road" 
by Jimmy Devine

2011 Best in Show
"Quilted Chamber" 
by Blase A. Mathern Jr.
Best of Show 2011

2010 Best in Show
"High Plains Afternoon" 
by Edward Darchuk
Best of Show 2010

2009 Best in Show
"Casey's Path" 
by Kelly Kotary
Best of Show 2009
2008 Best in Show
"Red Tree" 
by C. Watanakul

Best of Show 2008
2007 Best in Show
"Pensacola Sunset" 
by Shirley Fritzler

2006Best in Show
"Tale of Respect" 
by Ken Newman
Best of Show 2006