For more information about your volunteer participation, contact one of the following membership  committee members:
 Anne Sneary  577-1823
Vickie Mastron  -  586-5882
Interested in spending  time in a beautiful Estes Park art  gallery?   Want to learn more about art? Take a moment to consider joining the Friends of the Art Center volunteer program.        
The day to day operations of the Art Center are staffed by volunteers. Several committees are in place for a variety of special events sponsored annually by the Art Center. For more information about specific duties review the committee descriptions. Volunteer participation may be scheduled for a few hours or many hours. You decide how much time you have to give.

Art Center Committees

Art Market – Committee works from early fall through May.  Functions include creating and sending out applications and artists’ packets; jurying submissions; contact with artists regarding acceptance or rejection and other issues; and publicity for the event.  Members will design the lay out of the park, developing a map; set up and break down the park; assist during the 3-day event; find, schedule and   direct additional volunteers; recruit sponsors; and write thank you notes to sponsors and volunteers.   

 Education/Mentor Committee – Schedule classes at the Art Center for adults and children, including  finding and having  ongoing contact with teachers; scheduling; and preparation of contracts, registration and attendance sheets; creates publicity for classes; and coordinates joint education efforts with other organizations.  This committee also arranges other educational programs (e.g., lectures) and plans and implements the artist  mentor program.

Exhibit Committee
– Breaks down and hangs shows, prepares gallery cards.   Each show is hung on the Monday   before the featured artist opening. 

Hospitality Committee – Arranges for preparation of food, including soliciting donations from  commercial food  businesses;  picking up food, drink and other supplies for receptions; recruiting additional volunteers (e.g., wine pourers); setting up and monitoring receptions; doing post reception clean up, including washing dishes and tablecloths; and sending thank you notes to sponsors.   There  are 9 receptions a year. 

Staffing the Gallery:  Opens gallery, greet visitors, prepares sales receipts and receives payments, assure  security of  gallery, assists with operational assignments as assigned and closes galley.   Volunteer is scheduled as needed.  
Gallery hours are :       
Jan 11- May 14       10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
May 15 - Nov 11   10 a.m. - 5 p.m. DAILY
Nov. 12 - Dec 30   10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon

Marketing/Technology/Membership Committee develops new ways to increase Art Center visibility through better name recognition, marketing galley artwork and promoting activities and events of the center.  Committee activities may include presentations to area groups and hosting receptions for visiting groups.   Committee will also prepare the agency newsletter and maintain the website.    Memberships activities include notifying members when renewals are due, seeks new members, develops  incentives to attract new members and keep existing ones.  

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